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specialization, modern food equipment integrated companies.At the beginning of its establishment, the company with the east wind of reform and opening-up and good credit, the business expanded rapidly, has now completed the domestic airline catering kitchen engineering nearly 40, big food companies kitchen more than sixty.

Company has successfully designed hundreds of big food companies kitchen engineering experienced senior designers, especially for airline catering kitchen process design expertise, particularly in the field of has been completed dozens of domestic airline catering center design, is deep user and praise of the health and environmental protection department, the main design concept is economical and practical, energy conservation, environmental protection and reasonable process, strive to users with the most reasonable investment to create the biggest economic benefits.

Company has the industry a good product development skills, general director of product technology, process, quality and new product development, production base of products all adopt imported high quality stainless steel seiko manufacturing and spare parts, including tools, equipment, washing equipment, take lampblack and other stainless steel products, etc. Series of products, product production process in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards, and inspection by the relevant legal department, identified as high-quality products.

In order to meet the requirements of customers and market, the company with more than 100 in the world leading technology, service good kitchen equipment manufacturing enterprises have close cooperation, agent for the sale of all kinds of the world's top brand kitchen equipment, is the domestic and foreign advanced technology of food processing machinery, west kitchen, refrigeration, pastries, baking, cleaning, garbage disposal and so on more than eight hundred kinds of food machinery factory designated level of sales agents.

Company's existing area of five thousand square feet of office products, the showroom rough machining, hot kitchen, pastry processing, refrigeration equipment, automatic cleaning system, automatic plate equipment, garbage disposal system, kitchen utensils, spare parts and other auxiliary equipment display, such as showrooms have equipment can completely meet the production of twenty thousand airline catering standard.

We have always firmly believe that high-quality talents of the fundamental driving force of the development of the enterprise, the company existing more than 130 excellent talents with higher degree and rich industry experience distributed in various positions, to ensure efficient benign operation company.Company since its establishment has been carry out humanized management mode, create a good corporate culture, training system, and motivate employees to strive forward, her professional spirit, lay a solid foundation for enterprise development.

The company has service agencies in all parts of the country, there are a number of good faith service industry elite meticulous personalized service for your project, in order to ensure the engineering quality and perfect after-sales service.

Our operating philosophy is: "with service as the core, regard quality as the life!"

ISO9001 In strict accordance with the standards
130+ Talents
100+ The cooperative enterprise
5000+ The five thousand - square - foot showroom

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